Our name goes back to the origins of the band in 2008 when all four of the original members worked for the same company in our day-jobs and we used to take off work early to jam and learn new songs. Two of the original lineup (Lee and Tapani) still work for the same company and, on occasion, still might duck out of the office early to make a show or rehearsal.
Our music can best be described as the soundtrack of our lives as we play the music we love to listen to. Each song resonates with our audiences and we get transported back in time every night when we're on stage! 

Unauthorized Absence is:​



     Lee Nelson                             Tanja Nelson                           Tapani Laine                          Ken Gross                              Dennis Wells

     Guitars & Vocals                     Vocals & Keys                         Lead Guitar, Keys                 Durms & Vocals                   Bass & Vocals


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